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By Gemma Alexander

Originally published on ParentMap.com

The past pandemic year has been difficult, especially for teens. Peers are more important now than at any other time of a teen’s life, and establishing independence is the primary developmental task. Yet for the past 13 months, they’ve been at home, missing in-person school and activities, and navigating their social lives by video chat. It’s no wonder that as many as 40 percent of Washington’s teens are experiencing levels of anxiety and depression significant enough to interfere in their daily lives. But parents can help their kids develop protective factors against mental illness, even in the midst of... read more

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La pandemia del COVID-19 está afectando nuestra salud mental y los adolescentes son mucho más vulnerables. Debido a que sus cerebros siguen desarrollándose y aún no cuentan con suficiente experiencia en la vida, todas las emociones que sienten, como tristeza, enojo, estrés, y aislamiento, son más intensas. Y estudios muestran que durante la pandemia del COVID-19, los adolescentes tienen más probabilidad de presentar síntomas moderados a severos de depresión o ansiedad (... read more

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The COVID-19 pandemic is having a big impact on our mental health and teens are especially vulnerable. Because their brains are still developing, and they haven’t had many life experiences yet, all the emotions they are feeling—sadness, anger, stress, and isolation—are more intense. And research shows that during the COVID-19 pandemic, teens are the most likely to show moderate to severe symptoms of depression or anxiety (... read more