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Los padres están lidiando con muchas cosas en casa en este momento. Muchas familias están experimentando niveles más altos de estrés y ansiedad debido a problemas de salud y seguridad y/o problemas económicos.  En tiempos difíciles, es especialmente importante que los padres se conecten con sus hijos, muestren maneras saludables de lidiar con el estrés, platiquen con ellos sobre cómo se sienten y les ayuden a encontrar maneras positivas para hacerle frente. Sus hijos, sin importar la edad,... read more

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Parents are dealing with a lot right now. Many families are experiencing higher levels of stress and anxiety due to health and safety concerns and/or financial issues. In difficult times, it is especially important for parents to bond with their children, model healthy ways to deal with stress, talk with them about how they feel... read more

You may have seen reports of increased alcohol sales as people are stocking up on grocery items and looking for ways to relax and de-stress. As April is Alcohol Awareness Month, this is a good time to reflect on how alcohol affects our lives, and to consider if it should be part of a healthy response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Alcohol may appear to temporarily lower stress: it is a sedative and depressant that slows brain functioning, allowing you to take your mind off stressful events. The truth is alcohol changes levels of brain chemicals and can disrupt sleep patterns, which can actually increase feelings of anxiety the day after drinking.

Drinking... read more