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Parents and other influential adults play an important role in the lives of young people.

Middle School 

Most middle school students in Washington have a health class in 8th grade. They learn facts about how alcohol, marijuana and other drugs affect their health. Youth at this age care about their brains and bodies so this is an excellent time to continue conversations about alcohol and marijuana at home.

High School

High school students are more savvy and cynical about alcohol and marijuana. They may see more drinking and drug use in the media and among their peers.  At the same time, they are building momentum towards their goals and do not want anything to get in the way of them.  

Young Adults

Young adults and college students strive for independence, experience and growth. Because they may see more alcohol and drug use on campus, most young adults overestimate how much and how often their peers are actually using. Providing facts and correcting misperceptions can help young adults make informed decisions to stay healthy and safe so they can reach their goals. 

More tips from health experts

Check out these tips for talking with your children at every age.  Reinforcing healthy behaviors is a good thing to do during every stage of our children's development.