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 The holiday season is a time of joy, giving thanks and  celebrating with family and friends.  Not a time to be marred by  the memory and sadness of a loved one involved in a fatal  traffic collision. 

 The sad truth is that impaired driving is the leading cause of      traffic deaths in Washington, and these deaths are preventable.  The Washington Traffic Safety Commission reports that from 2008  through 2014, more than 1,100 people died in impaired driving collisions in Washington. Impairment is a contributing factor in nearly half of all traffic deaths, and more than 20 percent of serious injury collisions.

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Just like adults, students of all ages can experience a range of emotions when the school year begins.  

Going back to school can be a time of excitement as students look forward to being with their friends and all the activities and opportunities that school brings. It can be a time of sadness, knowing that the freedom of summer has come to an end. And it can be a time of anxiety, wondering, “Will I fit in? Will I make new friends? Will I like my teachers? Will I be successful?”

Kids face a lot of pressure, whether it comes from their peers, their parents, or their own expectations of themselves. That’s why it is so important to continue to talk with your kids about alcohol, marijuana and other drug use.

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Parents are the most powerful influence in their child’s life. That’s why a new ad campaign asks parents across Washington State to talk with their kids about the risks of marijuana use. The campaign uses banner ads on websites and Facebook to pose simple, real-life questions and scenarios that parents could face with their teenagers.

Questions include:

  • “Your teen asks why marijuana is legal for you, but not him. And you say?”
  • “Your teen asks how marijuana can be harmful if it’s also a medicine. Your answer?”
  • “Your teen comes home and you smell marijuana. Now what?”
  •  “My teen would never smoke marijuana. But would she eat it in a brownie?”

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