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The National Highway Safety Traffic Safety Administration's (NHSTA) Teen Driving site contains information on states' driver licensing requirements for teens as well as ideas and resources to help you—the parents—lay down the ground rules with your aspiring driver before you hand over the car keys. Here you will find in-depth information on some of the most common safety problems novice teen drivers should avoid. Educate yourself about the consequences of illegal alcohol use by minors, the benefits of seat belt use, the growing epidemic of distracted driving, and much more.

Visit NHSTA's Teen Driving site to learn more about the risk factors that are most likely to impact teens, including distracted driving,... read more

Get Smart About Drugs has the resources you need to apply the brakes on this epidemic.

Get fast facts on impaired driving, learn how to talk with your kids about the issue, and discover an app that helps you better understand your kids' health, wellness, and well-being.

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We all have to eat. Why not make it a fun family experience? Encouraging your children to work alongside you while you’re cooking has many benefits including an increase in family time and building a healthy relationship to food and nutrition. Let’s face it. There’s not much bonding involved in calling up GrubDash.

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Hours in the kitchen preparing a meal is not everyone’s idea of a good time. Figuring out what to cook, doing the grocery... read more