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New Toolkit for Preventing Underage Marijuana Use

Are you waiting for your kids to talk to you about marijuana?  Now that marjuana is legal in Washington for those who are 21 and older, it's more important than ever for parents to talk with their kids about not using marijuana. 

A new toolkit, Preventing Underage Marijuana Use, is now available for educating middle and high-school aged youth and their parents about the health and safety risks for young people, and about Washington's marijuana law.

The toolkit includes a parent's guide with tips for preventing underage use of marijuana, the warning signs of teen marijuana use, and how to get help if a teen is already using marijuana.  The guide discusses the special health risks to teens who use marijuana, such as impaired memory, anxiety, depression and a permanent decrease in IQ with heavy use.

The tookit also includes advertising messages and a video for prevention professionals and health educators to use in their outreach efforts.

The toolkit was developed and funded by the Department of Social and Health Services - Division of Behavioral Health and Recovery, in partnership with the Washington Healthy Youth Coalition.