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New marijuana education campaign asks real-life questions

Parents are the most powerful influence in their child’s life. That’s why a new ad campaign asks parents across Washington State to talk with their kids about the risks of marijuana use. The campaign uses banner ads on websites and Facebook to pose simple, real-life questions and scenarios that parents could face with their teenagers.

Questions include:

  • “Your teen asks why marijuana is legal for you, but not him. And you say?”
  • “Your teen asks how marijuana can be harmful if it’s also a medicine. Your answer?”
  • “Your teen comes home and you smell marijuana. Now what?”
  •  “My teen would never smoke marijuana. But would she eat it in a brownie?”

The ads link to the Q&A page on this site. The page includes questions that parents might get from their teens, with sample answers that draw from the facts about the law and research about the effects of marijuana on teenagers. The goal is not to tell parents how to talk with their kids, but to provide helpful suggestions to support their conversations.

In addition to the ads, a media partnership with Univision is reaching Spanish-speaking parents throughout the state. The campaign launched with a TV Novella featuring Univision anchor Jaime Mendez. The partnership also includes on-air interviews with health experts, digital ads and informational content on Univision’s Facebook page.  

For detailed suggestions on how to talk with teens about marijuana, explore the Parent's Guide to Preventing Underage Marijuana Use or the Partnerships for Drug-Free Kids' Parent Talk Kit and Marijuana Talk Kit. More information in Spanish is available at www.inicielaconversacion.org.