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Alcohol Advertising: Does It Affect Kids?

Washington State has new outdoor advertising rules to reduce the alcohol ads youth are exposed to in their communities.  See the Get Involved page for ways to educate your community about the rules and laws to reduce underage drinking.  Let's draw the line!  Visit the Facebook and YouTube campaign pages.

Here are some facts about alcohol marketing and youth:

  • According to the Federal Trade Commission, the alcohol industry spent $5.7 billion on marketing alcohol in 2002.
  • Over the last five years, the number of alcohol ads seen by youth ages 12-20 has increased 41%.
  • 2006 study found that the more alcohol ads young people see, the more they drink. 
  • When youth see alcohol ads in movies and near schools they are more likely to drink.
  • The Surgeon General  has asked alcohol companies to stop placing ads where lots of youth see them.  Read more...

What can I say to my kids about alcohol ads?

Kids see and hear lots of media messages about drinking, from many sources.  Help protect them from these pressures to drink. Teach them to be media literate.