Let's Draw the Line

social norms, alcohol, minors, parents

Castle Rock C.A.R.E. - Coffee Sleeve With Social Norms Message - Spring 2013

Tenino/Bucoda Healthy Action Team Poster

Tenino-Bucoda Healthy Action Team - It Takes Us All - Spring 2013

Castle Rock, minors, alcohol, parents

Castle Rock C.A.R.E. - 93% Of Parents Would Not Allow Minors To Drink Alcohol - Spring 2013

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Aki Kurose Middle School (Seattle) - 7 Out Of 10 Tenth Graders Don't Drink Alcohol - Spring 2013

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Rainier Community Cares - How Do We Make This 100 percent? - Spring 2013

Chief Sealth, Seatle, alcohol, minors, parents

Chief Sealth International High School (Seattle) - Above It All - Spring 2013

Castle Rock, minors, alcohol, parents

Castle Rock C.A.R.E. - Did You Hear The Good News? - Spring 2013

Tenino, Bucoda, minors, alcohol, parents

Tenino-Bucoda Healthy Action Team - Be Responsible Even If No One Is Watching - Spring 2013


This website provides information for parents and community members about the risks of underage drinking and proven ways we can help more teens.

Talking with Your Teens About Washington's New Marijuana Laws

You've talked with your teens about the health, safety and legal consequences of underage drinking, but what about marijuana?  Before you talk with your teens, do you know the facts about the effects on teen health?  Do you know how to talk with your teen, what to do and how to help if your teen is already using marijuana?  Are you clear on what the new laws are for Washington?

Two new publications, A Parent's Guide to Preventing Marijuana Use, and Marijuana: Know the Facts, are available at...

43 community groups participated in Let's Draw the Line 2013!

Forty-three Washington community groups and organizations participated in Let's Draw The Line Between Youth and Alcohol 2013.

Many communities developed positive social norms campaigns as one of their Let's Draw The Line activities. Examples of social norms materials developed by communities are featured in the rotating display on this page.

Participation in past Let's Draw The Line Between Youth and Alcohol campaigns has been a powerful community involvement opportunity.  

New Interactive Tool Helps Parents "Start the Talk"

SAMHSA recently launched Start the Talk, an interactive, online simulation tool that helps parents and caregivers of children ages 9 to 15 practice tough conversations about alcohol.

Start the Talk is the newest component of "Talk. They Hear You.", SAMHSA's national underage drinking prevention campaign, which launched last May. The Campaign equips...