Prescription Drugs

Opioid abuse is a national epidemic. More Americans now die from overdosing on opioids, when using prescription pain relievers or heroin, than from car crashes.  At least one person dies every day in Washington State from an opioid overdose.

Prescription opioid abuse, like other drug use, often begins during the teen and young adult years. More than 1,700 young adults nationwide died from a prescription drug overdose in 2014 - nearly five people every day.   

Opioid addiction and overdose can be prevented.  Learn what you can do to protect your teen or young adult through safe use, safe storage, and safe disposal.

Return unused medications to drop off sites on National Drug Take Back Day (April 29).

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For communicators and prevention professionals:

Visit this page for a variety of prescription drug prevention resources.  

Use our social media toolkit to alert parents and other caregivers to the dangers of opioid medications.