Washington Healthy Youth Coalition Membership



Agency/ Organization


WA State Governor’s Office
Andi Smith, Executive Policy Advisor; Jim Baumgart
WA Office of Attorney General
WA Office of Lieutenant Governor
Brad Owen, Lt. Governor; Brian Dirks, Communications Director
WA State Department of Health
David Hudson, Community-Based Prevention Manager; Kathy Williams, Injury Prevention Specialist; Cristal Connelly, Marijuana Education Coordinator
WA DSHS/Division of Behavioral Health and Recovery
Michael Langer, Office Chief; Scott Waller, State EUDL Coordinator
WA State Liquor and Cannabis Board
Jane Rushford, Board Chair; Mary Segawa, Public Health Education Liaison
Washington State Patrol
Captain Mark Brogan; Lt. Dan Sharp
WA Superintendent of Public Instruction
Krissy Johnson, Student Assistance Prevention Program
WA Traffic Safety Commission and Target Zero Task Forces
Mark Medalen, Program Manager
Governor’s Juvenile Justice Advisory Committee
Ryan Pinto, Director

Statewide Organizations


AAA Washington
Dan Coon
College Coalition for Substance Abuse Prevention
Jason Kilmer, Chair
WA Assoc. of Juvenile Court Administrators
Holli Spanski, Lewis County Juvenile Court Administrator
WA Assoc. of Prosecuting Attorneys
Jon Tunheim, Thurston County Prosecutor; Wayne Graham, Thurston County Prosecutor
WA Assoc. of Sheriffs & Police Chiefs
Mitch Barker, Executive Director
WA Assoc. of Substance Abuse & Violence Prevention
Meghan Sullivan, Liz Wilhelm, Ramona Leber
WA Community Network System
Laura Smith, Executive Director, Snoqualmie Valley Community Network
WA Mothers Against Drunk Driving
Wilma Comenta
WA State Coalition of Coalitions
Lisa Stewart
WA State PTA
WA Poison Center
Kathryn Hobbs, Executive Director
Dr. Alexander Garrard; Whitney Pennington

Other Partners


Concerned Adult/Parent
Patricia Keiran
Faith Community
Gwen Fraser, Exec Dir, Healthy Empowered Youth!
Youth Treatment
Erin Riffe; Sarah Ellsworth

Staff Support

Julee Christianson