Is your back to school list complete?

  ►Gather school supplies. 
  ►Take kids shopping for clothes.
  ►Get sports physicals.
  ►Talk to kids about alcohol and marijuana.

Getting ready to go back to school can be an exciting time  for kids as they look forward to being back with their friends and all the activities and opportunities that school brings.  It can also be a time of sadness, knowing that the freedom of summer is coming to an end.  Kids might also feel anxious, wondering “Will I fit in? Will I make new friends?”

Set clear rules about alcohol as your teen heads back to school

As your teen begins a new school year, they will be exposed to exciting new experiences and increased independence. The choices they make now – such as making new friends, trying out for the team, joining a club, or planning for life after high school—will have an impact on their future.

Alcohol Advertising: Does It Affect Kids?

Washington State has new outdoor advertising rules to reduce the alcohol ads youth are exposed to in their communities.  See the Get Involved page for ways to educate your community about the rules and laws to reduce underage drinking.  Let's draw the line!  Visit the Facebook and Y