New Interactive Tool Helps Parents "Start the Talk"

SAMHSA recently launched Start the Talk, an interactive, online simulation tool that helps parents and caregivers of children ages 9 to 15 practice tough conversations about alcohol.

Teens + Alcohol + Cars = A Deadly Mixture

This holiday season, when family celebrations may include alcohol, talk about the risks of underage drinking with your children and teens.  Talk early, talk often, and let them know that most of their friends are making healthy and safe choices.  The following article from a parent reminds us that the time to talk and act is now.    

By Joe Pallitto

There's No Trick to Keeping Teens Away From Alcohol

By Erica Stineman

There’s no trick and there’s no treat when it comes to underage drinking on Halloween.  The spookiest holiday of the year is also considered one of the biggest drinking holidays, so it’s no surprise that the alcohol industry wants to cash in on getting into the spirit.  Unfortunately, the Center on Alcohol Marketing and Youth researchers have found that that there is a link between minors who recognize advertisements for beer and spirits and the likelihood of them drinking.